Known Issues

This section lists the known bugs and issues with the AltTester Unity SDK. If available, we list a workaround to help troubleshoot the issue.

To report a bug that isn’t listed here, see our Contributing section to learn how to best report the issue.


Calling GetPNGScreenshot throws StackOverflow error (.NET Driver)

Problem: For high resolutions calling GetPNGScreenshot might throw a StackOverflow error.

Workaround: The issue only happens with .NET 6. As a workaround you can use .NET 5, or if you can’t downgrade to .NET 5, try to run your tests with a lower resolution until this issue is fixed.

Affects: AltUnity Tester v1.7.* and AltTester Unity SDK v1.8.* with .NET 6

New Input System

Touch or Mouse actions do not work in tests

Workaround: In Analysis -> Input Debugger -> Options make sure the setting Simulate Touch Input From Mouse or Pen is not checked and Lock Input to Game View is checked.

Affects: AltUnity Tester v1.7.1, v1.7.2, AltTester Unity SDK v1.8.* and Input System with a version below 1.3.0

The PressKey command does not work

Workaround: This issue might happen if your code uses the methods wasPressedThisFrame and wasReleasedThisFrame*. Use isPressed instead.

Affects: AltUnity Tester v1.7.1, v1.7.2 and AltTester Unity SDK v1.8.*

Player Input is not working when connected to AltTester Unity SDK/Desktop

Problem: Player Input is not working in the instrumented build when connected to the tests or to AltTester Desktop.

Affects: All input actions created with the New Input System for game objects. The New Input System actions for UI objects are not affected, as well as the Old Input System actions.


Instrumented game with AltTester Unity SDK stops working in BlueStacks

Workaround: The issue seems to happen because of the communication protocol used inside the AltTester Unity SDK. There are other alternatives that work with instrumented builds. For Android you can use the Android Emulator inside the Android Studio. For iOS you can use a simulator inside Xcode.

Affects: AltUnity Tester v1.7.* and AltTester Unity SDK v1.8.*