About AltTester®

Built out of necessity, developed out of passion

In 2018, while working on a client’s project as testers and developers, we were struggling with the testing side of the Unity apps and it was difficult to find out ways to deploy and run some automated checks on our environment.

It was hard to find a solution that could allow us to run these types of system level / UI driven tests on real devices. So we came up with the AltTester® Unity SDK, a tool that could help us find the objects in the Unity game or app and allow us to get their coordinates on the screen so we could interact with them through Appium tests.

We made the tool open-source and made it accessible to other game developers and testers to use it. We learned about other challenges that our users encountered when testing Unity games and we soon developed a complementary solution to AltTester® Unity SDK. In 2020 we released the alpha version of AltTester® Desktop, a tool that allows games to be explored and inspected outside of the Unity Editor. 

The vision and mission

We used these years since our first release to learn and improve as much as we could, regularly gathering feedback from our users, in our strive to provide a more effective solution for the test automation challenges of Unity games and apps.  

We listen to the necessities of our community (drop by on our Discord server and tell us your needs) and we are constantly adapting our tools by adding new features that could help game testers start automation easier, looking to support more platforms or expanding to other game engines.

Our long-term mission is to make UI testing more accessible through our test automation tools and help game testers and developers get fast feedback after every commit.

The team

We are a whole bunch of creators and innovators that transformed our passion for software testing and games into the AltTester® Tools. 

We are learners and we will never stop improving. We use our skills and the experience gathered working on different software testing projects in Altom to continuously push the boundaries to build better products and solve some of the critical challenges of test automation.

During all these years we added more and more talent to our team and we have grown from a team of only 2 members to more than 10. Our multidisciplinary team has a strong background in development, software testing and game testing, but we don’t lack sales and marketing also. We are always looking for new ways to help our clients through our tools and services.