Boost your Unity test automation skills

On-Demand Trainings & Workshops

Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of game test automation, and equip yourself and your team with skills, tools, strategies and methodologies that empower you to deliver high-performing products.

On-demand workshops for groups / organizations

Game Automation Kickstart Workshop

  • Online, 3-hour live session to onboard your team
  • Set up AltTester® inside your project
  • Inspect elements and write your first test scripts
  • Get tips on how to build a good automation strategy

Advanced Automation Techniques for Games

  • Take your game test automation skills to the next level
  • Explore various test automation strategies and techniques applicable to a game from AltTester® sample library
  • Learn how to integrate Appium for mobile games

Custom Debugging Workshop

  • Custom workshop to work on a specific problem that you encountered while using AltTester®.
  • One or two of our engineers will join you on a working session online where we will help you debug your issue and try to get it resolved. 

State Model-Based Testing applied to games

  • Expand your skills on game test automation using a variety of randomly generated flows
  • Learn how to apply this testing technique with all its associated tools to your game and run effective automated tests

Why choose our workshops?

Expert instructors

Our senior consultants will help you and your team better understand the framework and train you to continue extending the test automation project with end-to-end tests.

Practical learning

We use sample games from AltTester® library to implement the tests, ensuring you gain valuable and applicable knowledge.

Comprehensive curriculum

Our workshops cover a wide range of topics related to test automation, from setting up automation frameworks to creating test scripts, ensuring you have a holistic understanding of game test automation.

Flexible format

Online or on site format, on a schedule set up to suit you and your team’s needs. The number of hours of a workshop can be split across multiple days, depending on participant availability.

Customizable learning experience

Whether you want to work with your own game or tools, or prefer a certain duration or schedule that would better suit your team’s needs, we can create a learning experience specially made for you.

Extensive training background

Our team of experts have organized over 47 courses & workshops to help teams improve their testing practices.

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