Get a solid Unity test automation framework

We can help you with a one-time project to kickstart your game QA automation or with ongoing game QA automation development services

Kickstart your game test automation

fixed scope and fixed price, usually 2-4 weeks

Ongoing automation development

usually long term projects, fixed monthly budget or hourly rates

How it works


We will assess the current testing capabilities of your team and the testability of your project and we will identify the main points where test automation could help towards the desired outcomes of your project.

Proof of Concept Project

Our team of engineers will work on setting up the test automation framework and adapting it to your project’s needs, through a short proof of concept project. We will define together a few test scenarios and start writing automated tests for some of the most relevant flows.

Continuous QA automation

Once we have a good foundation, we will focus on building more and more complex scenarios to cover the functionalities of your game and write tests for the most repetitive cases that will be run on different devices and platform combinations.


We will have weekly status sessions to provide and get feedback and make sure we are on the right track with the game test automation development.

Get to know us and our history with Unity Test Automation

AltTester® Unity SDK with Ru Cindrea

Check out Ru’s (CTO AltTester®) talk at TestGuild Automation Testing w/ Joe Colantonio!

Get more out of your test automation efforts

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