Game Automation Kickstart Workshop

On-demand for teams

In this 3-hour workshop, we will help your team to set up AltTester® inside your project and kickstart your test automation project. This is a fast way to get you started with game test automation that doesn’t require giving us access to your code or having any contractual commitments.

What you will accomplish

  • Installing AltTester® Desktop – can be done beforehand
  • Adding AltTester® Unity SDK to the project and instrumenting your game – can be done beforehand
  • Writing your first test script
  • Recording actions to automatically generate test scripts
  • Inspecting elements and using different locators 
  • Running tests against different platforms and devices
  • Getting recommendations for how to structure your tests
  • Getting tips for building a strong test automation strategy

Disclaimer: The amount of items covered during the workshop will depend on the complexity of your project and the coding skills of the people joining the workshop.

Workshop details

  • Delivered online
  • 3 hours, with a 10-minute break
  • Scripting language: C# or Python
  • Interactive


  • 840 EUR (+VAT if applicable)
  • Free with 5 yearly subscriptions to AltTester® Pro.

Who can join

  • Anyone from your team is welcome to join – up to 10 people

What you need to prepare before the workshop

  • On one person’s computer, you will need to have Unity Editor with your project opened and configured with an IDE (e.g.: VS Code). We will be working on this person’s computer, via screen share. Ideally, they would be comfortable writing code in the selected language.
  • If desired, we can sign a mutual NDA before starting the workshop.

After the workshop

  • We will create a common Slack channel where we will be available to answer follow up questions for 2 weeks
  • You will receive all the slides used during the workshop and a recording of the workshop, if wanted

Schedule a work session with us to help you and your team kickstart your journey with AltTester®.

or call +40 371 426 297