There’s no limit to testing in Unity

Our test automation tools make UI testing accessible for Unity games and apps by allowing teams to inspect and programmatically control the objects of their application. The result? Fast feedback after every commit!

How it works

1. Instrument your game to support end-to-end test automation

  • Open a connection inside the game to identify and interact with Unity objects
  • Simulate any kind of device input (support for Input Manager and Input System)
  • Use and modify any methods and properties

2. Inspect the game objects hierarchy and get all the properties easily

  • Get object’s components, assemblies, methods, fields and properties without accessing the source code
  • Get selectors and validate them before running your tests
  • Interact with your game from AltTester Desktop using keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and joystick actions
  • Load any scene or level
  • Control the speed of the game for debugging and test design purposes

3. Record steps to generate automated tests faster

  • Record actions on screenshot area (select, click, press key)
  • See code displayed based on the recorded actions (the clicked objects will be identified using full path)
  • Assert properties to certain values
  • Copy the generated code to your test file where you can edit and run it

4. Run automated tests on real devices: PC, Mobile, Console

  • Write tests in C#, Python or Java, using any popular test framework
  • Integrate with Appium, device cloud services like Bitbar or AWS Device Farm
  • Include screenshots in your test reports

We helped 5000+ users to test their games and we’re proud of their feedback.

“It is the best tool for unity applications. It is very simple and easy to implement as it is a bit similar to appium. Inspecting and performing actions on elements are very easy. Updates on the tools are stable and moreover the support and response from this team is very good as I have been using this since 10 months for my project. Thanks for the altom team for the this asset”


AltTester Community


AltTester Unity SDK (open source):

Interact with Unity objects

Simulate device inputs (support for both the old and new Unity input systems)

Call methods and modify properties

Run tests on PC, WebGL, Android and iOS

Support for tests written in C#, Python, Java

Support for Browserstack on Android and iOS

Integrate with Appium to interact with native elements

Generate XML test reports

Integrate with BitBar and AWS

CI ready

Community support through Discord and Google Group

AltTester Desktop App (freemium):

Element List (Show Hierarchy, Search Object by name)

Element info (Component Name, Component Assembly, World Position, Screen Position, Name)

Allow to connect to localhost and change port

Connect to Remote and change host and port

Screenshot Area (Live Update, Select, Image Quality, Refresh)

Coming soon:

Support for the Unity UI Toolkit

AltTester Pro

€55 (+VAT)

per seat
per month

Everything from the Community package +

AltTester Desktop App:

14-day free trial

Fully functional without the Unity Editor

Inspect object properties without access to the source code

Search objects by selectors

Display the scenes of the game live

Use mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and joystick actions to interact with the game from Inspector

Load different scenes single or additively

Control the speed of the game

Run tests on WebGl

Generate tests automatically based on recorded actions

AltTester Pro can be run from the command line (no GUI)

Batchmode Linux build

Coming soon:

Run tests on Consoles

Integrated Test Runner

AltTester Enterprise


Everything included in AltTester Pro +

Customized AltTester Features

Support for custom engines


Do you need a more customised approach for your Unity app?

We can help you get a solid testing framework that your team can extend comfortably through interactive workshops and other customized services.

Check our Test Automation Packages

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