AltUnity Tester v.1.5.6

[Update 2022] AltUnity Tester becomes AltTester Unity SDK starting with v. 1.8.0 and similarly, AltUnity Inspector becomes AltTester Desktop starting with v. 1.5.0 and they are both available here

This comes with a series of major changes:

1. AltTester Unity SDK is now available only through our website and is no longer available on the Unity Asset Store

2. We moved the AltTester Unity SDK project from GitLab to GitHub.

Read more about all the major changes in this article and join our Discord Server, if you have any questions or issues with AltTester!

Bug fixes, bug fixes and more bug fixes. That’s the main idea of our latest release. Some of the areas we tried to improve are:

  • Fixed the following commands: scroll, tilt and click event 
  • Created a new command to run tests from the command line in C# which allows us to select the tests we want to be executed
  • Improved a lot of minor things in AltUnity Tester Editor for example test selection, test file open 
  • Moved the “Run test” section for better clarity 
  • Removed a lot of annoying warnings

For a full list of fixes and improvements check ChangeLog

We also put a lot of work into restructuring the documentation to make it more clear. Also, we added a bunch of new information such as “Getting started”, “Running tests using device cloud services” and “Running tests together with appium”. We are still working on improving the documentation, so any feedback is welcomed. 

You can write to us in the following platforms:

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