From test case to release. Streamline Unity Game Development with AltTester® Test Automation

Integrating test automation into your game development lifecycle can significantly strengthen the testing process, allowing faster iterations and higher quality releases. In this article, we’ll explore how AltTester®, our solution for end-to-end game test automation, can support and enhance your testing efforts, and how it can provide a more productive overall experience for your QA … read more

Run tests in parallel with AltTester®

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of running tests in parallel using AltTester®, a powerful technique to accelerate your testing workflow.  With the 2.1 release, AltTester® now facilitates the connection of multiple apps using AltTester® Desktop, through the AltTester® Server. This advancement unlocks the capability to run tests concurrently on multiple devices, … read more

Introducing AltTester® 2.1.0: Concurrent Test Execution, Support for Robot Framework and Performance Improvements

We are thrilled to announce the release of AltTester® 2.1.0, the latest version of our test automation tool. Packed with new features, bug fixes, and improved performance, AltTester® 2.1.0 is set to create a smooth and efficient testing experience for you and your team.  AltTester® Desktop and AltTester® Unity SDK, two of our tool’s main … read more

7 industries you never thought were using Unity

AltTester® started as a tool for game test automation, yet over time we realized how many other industries use Unity and benefit from being able to do end-to-end test automation. Discover with us the surprising use of Unity applications across different industries like education, healthcare and advertising, while exploring the benefits of integrating test automation into your project.

Running C# Tests with AltTester® using BrowserStack on WebGL

If you are interested in running automated tests using AltTester® Unity SDK on WebGL app under various browsers on BrowserStack cloud service, take a look at this article. We have prepared a set of instructions and steps to guide you through a successful run on BrowserStack Web Automate. We also offer an example repository for better understanding the presented steps.