[New Release] AltTester Unity SDK 1.8.0: new name, roadmap and XML reports

Besides new features and bug fixes, this release is an important step towards reaching our long-term mission. In the upcoming months, we want to extend our test automation solution in the following directions:

  • support new platforms –  we are very close with WebGL, Nintendo and other consoles; we also started investigating AR/VR technologies
  • help game testers to start automation easier – we already have an MVP of the recording feature, we’re testing it and plan to release the Beta version in the following months 
  • start exploring automation solutions for Unreal and other engines

These directions require some product and architectural changes which we’ll start to address with this release. 

Renaming AltUnity to AltTester 

This begins with changing the name in this release, followed by documentation and website changes in the next month(s). AltUnity Tester becomes AltTester Unity SDK starting with version 1.8.0 and similarly, AltUnity Inspector becomes AltTester Desktop starting with version 1.5.0.

Moving the Unity package from the Unity Asset Store to our website

This step is required to support the architectural changes we’ll have starting with the next release to support WebGL and other platforms. It also relates to our long-term goal of supporting other engines.

Moving our project from GitLab to GitHub

This is related to GitLab’s Pricing Plans changes, and not to our product or architectural changes. 

How will these changes impact you?

Our goal of providing a free open-source testing solution for Unity remains the same. We’ll continue to maintain and extend the Unity support as we did in the past.

We try to make sure all the changes are granular and are affecting your current work as little as possible. We will document any breaking changes and offer support as quickly as we can, but we will need your collaboration and time on updating to the latest versions and communicating any issues you notice or difficulties you have.

1.8.0 Upgrade Guide

Importing AltTester 1.8.0 will slightly change as we move the Unity package from the Asset Store to our website. Other than that, changing the DevOps platform that we’ll be using from this release on, implies the modification of certain links’ origin from GitLab to GitHub. Along with these organizational changes, specific classes’ and methods’ names were altered which will affect tests already written using older versions of the AltTester. To make the switch between version 1.7.* and 1.8.0 easier, we created an Upgrade Guide for you.

In case you face any difficulties during upgrade do not hesitate to contact us on Discord Server.

New features

Generate XML test report from the Editor Window

As a result of multiple requests for this feature on Discord, we decided to include test report generation into AltTester v.1.8.0.

This implies that after running your tests with the `Create XML Report` box checked from the AltTester Editor Window, an XML report will be generated, containing the following data: assembly in which the test resides, class name, method name, duration, start time, end time, number of asserts, result (passed or failed), test case count (only if they exist); for test suits the number of total, passed, failed, and skipped tests.

You can specify the path you want the report to be placed in from the AltTester Editor window under `XML file path`. Additional information about test reports can be found here.

We are always open to suggestions of this type, especially because this way we learn more about our users’ needs, being able to make our tools more helpful. 

Enable/disable driver logging

You can enable or disable the driver logging either by passing true to the optional parameter of the AltDriver constructor or by using the driver’s `SetLogging()` method. This feature comes in handy when you want to see all the logs for debugging purposes or when you don’t want to feel carried away by too many logs.


var altDriver = new AltDriver(enableLogging:true);

Bugs fixed

Tests not appearing in the AltTester Editor window

This bug and the next one were also reported on Discord. The issue arose from the fact that placing tests in custom assembly definitions prevented them from appearing in the list of all tests within the AltTester Editor window. We fixed this problem by searching for all the assemblies defined in the project and checked if there are any tests inside it. Having this information, we display and run each test in the assembly they belong to. Keep in mind to reference NUnit from your custom assembly.

SetText() not working

This issue was caused by the absence of triggering the submit event for all types of input. The fix before this triggered the submit event only for TMPro objects and that’s why it worked for some of the users.

Hovering mouse over element does not trigger tooltip

Similarly to the previous bug, the event responsible for showing the tooltip on hover was not triggered. This issue was found while writing automated tests for one of our clients. We enjoy helping out those who want to have automated tests for their projects as it benefits both parts. They don’t have to test manually the sections of the app for which the process can be automated and we get feedback on our tools making them better after each such experience.

Join our Discord Server if you have any questions for the development team or you encounter any trouble with our tools!

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