AltUnity Inspector 1.0 vs. alpha – What’s going to be different

[Update 2022] AltUnity Tester becomes AltTester Unity SDK starting with v. 1.8.0 and similarly, AltUnity Inspector becomes AltTester Desktop starting with v. 1.5.0 and they are both available here

This comes with a series of major changes:

1. AltTester Unity SDK is now available only through our website and is no longer available on the Unity Asset Store

2. We moved the AltTester Unity SDK project from GitLab to GitHub.

Read more about all the major changes in this article and join our Discord Server, if you have any questions or issues with AltTester!

UPDATE: AltUnity Inspector was released. You can start a 7day free trial here.

The alpha phase of AltUnity Inspector is ending and in a few days, we will release something way better – AltUnity Inspector v 1.0.

A few months ago we launched the alpha version of our new AltUnity Tool and invited our community members to try it and help us with their feedback. You might remember this little article

We used these months to learn and improve as much as we could so that our tool could effectively complement AltUnity Tester in providing a more effective solution for test automation challenges of Unity games and apps.

AltUnity Inspector 1.0 – upcoming features and improvements

New features  

  • New actions added, so now you can interact with the game from inspector using mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and joystick operations. 
  • Zoom in/out functionality on the screenshot area. 
  • A settings page, with new options to make the inspector more customizable.
  • Expand/collapse all, in the object hierarchy area. 
  • Logs, to make it easier for you to send us the information needed for support.  

Better access to object information  

  • The structure of the object hierarchy area is changed to easily visualize nested objects.
  • The search functionality is improved, now the matched objects and all its child/parent objects are returned. 
  • We restructured and improved the object details area. Besides the coordinates, and components you can now easily get assemblies, methods, fields and properties.  

Performance improvements 

  • The image quality is improved, when it’s set to 100% it has the same resolution as the game. When live update is on, we limited the resolution of the image to fit the inspector, to improve overall performance. This can be customized from the settings page. 
  • Lower frame-rate when AltUnity Inspector is running in the background. Max frame-rate is customizable from the settings page. 
  • Faster loading time of the object hierarchy.
  • Better communication between AltUnity Inspector and the connected game/app. 

Connection improvements

  • Added handling for disconnect and reconnect on mobile platforms, when the game is moved in the background.

Layout changes to enhance the UX

  • Simplified layout to emphasize important functionalities. 
  • Re-grouped elements based on their functionality.

We are very excited about the upcoming release, and hope that it will help many more teams to add test automation to their game development process. So here is a big thank you to our community, that has been a tremendous help through the development of both AltUnity Tester and AltUnity Inspector. 

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