AltUnity Tester Version v.1.5.3

[Update 2022] AltUnity Tester becomes AltTester Unity SDK starting with v. 1.8.0 and similarly, AltUnity Inspector becomes AltTester Desktop starting with v. 1.5.0 and they are both available here

This comes with a series of major changes:

1. AltTester Unity SDK is now available only through our website and is no longer available on the Unity Asset Store

2. We moved the AltTester Unity SDK project from GitLab to GitHub.

Read more about all the major changes in this article and join our Discord Server, if you have any questions or issues with AltTester!

Another small release in which we fixed several bugs and added a new feature.

Mismatch versions

One of the biggest problems we encountered is that our users had problems if they used a different version of the server and the driver. We tried to make AltUnity Tester backward compatible meaning that if you update to a newer version the tests that were written on the previous version should still work. That means both Driver and server should be updated to the latest version. To troubleshoot this issue easier in the future we added a command in the driver that compares the driver version with the server version and throws a warning to let the user know if there is a mismatch between the versions. Related to this,  another decision was to always have a development branch that will have the latest changes and be considered an alpha version and leave the master branch the same as what you will find in the asset store and pip.

A pickle problem

Another issue that users encountered was that sometimes they couldn’t connect to the server using the Python driver. Sadly we couldn’t reproduce this issue but we investigated and thought about what could cause the problem. We removed multiprocessing from the driver and added socket timeout. We hope that this will solve the issue but if there are still problems we will further investigate.

New Input methods

There are two new commands named MultipointSwipe and MultipointSwipeAndWait implemented by Ka3u6y6a that extend the swipe method to be able to give a list of points to where to swipe. This way you can set a continuous movement from point A to B then to C …. Instead of making a swipe command from A to B, then another command from B to C.

Other fixes

Check the Changelog for a few more improvements and small bug fixes

New Samples



Git repository:—java

With this sample the trilogy of “Trash cat” is complete. We now have an example for every language supported(Java, Python and C#). In this sample, we show you how to do the setup for iOS devices which is not that straightforward. Also, show how to set up a java project to run Altunity Tests.

AltTank Multiplayer-python


Git repository:

We also have an example of how to test features that require multiple devices(multiplayer). The tests are written in Python to run on standalones, Android and iOS. 

Join our google group or gitter room for any questions.

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