AltUnity updates and objectives for 2022

[Update 2022] AltUnity Tester becomes AltTester Unity SDK starting with v. 1.8.0 and similarly, AltUnity Inspector becomes AltTester Desktop starting with v. 1.5.0 and they are both available here

This comes with a series of major changes:

1. AltTester Unity SDK is now available only through our website and is no longer available on the Unity Asset Store

2. We moved the AltTester Unity SDK project from GitLab to GitHub.

Read more about all the major changes in this article and join our Discord Server, if you have any questions or issues with AltTester!

The first weeks of the year usually include a lot of retrospection, brainstorming and planning for the AltUnity team. We defined the objectives for this year and identified three areas where we’ll focus our efforts:

  • AltUnity products 
  • Test automation services and trainings for Unity projects 
  • Unity end-to-end test automation course using AltUnity 

I’ll enumerate and detail below some of our objectives from each area. Hopefully this will help you get an overview on what we want to achieve this year.

Support for Unity’s new input system

Our team has recently started working on Unity’s new input system. We’re adding logic to support both the old and the new input systems. Right now, this is one of our highest priority, which we plan to release in the following two months. 

First official release of AltUnity Pro 

We’re now working on the first release of AltUnity Pro, which will have the current functionalities from AltUnity Tester and Inspector but with an improved architecture to simplify the setup process and support new platforms. 

Besides the Inspector, we plan to add the record and playback feature so users are able to create simple test flows without writing code. We hope this feature will provide an easier way to get started with test automation and include less-technical team members in this process. 

We also plan to integrate a test runner and a reporting module in AltUnity Pro. However these won’t be included in the first versions of AltUnity Pro as we’re only in the research phase for these features. 

Support for WebGL 

Last year we released the alpha version of AltUnity Pro, which has the support for WebGL implemented. In this version, we already updated our communication protocol from TCP to websockets and implemented a proxy module that allows the game and the driver to communicate with each other. We’re now gathering feedback from the alpha build and making improvements to have this ready for the first release of AltUnity Pro. 

More details on how you can try out the alpha release for WebGL support here

Support for Nintendo 

We already made some progress last year in this area, but we realized that the first step is to  support the new Input System, on which we’re already working. We plan to have support for Nintendo from the first version of AltUnity Pro. 

Unity end-to-end test automation course using AltUnity  

Some of our team members recently worked on creating content for some video tutorials to help users get started with Unity Test Automation using AltUnity. We plan to publish the first part of this course in the following months. This module will focus on the setup process and will guide users through writing and running the first tests. Afterwards, we’d like to extend this course with more advanced test automation topics, like using page object model, running tests in CI, etc. 

More focus on test automation services, trainings and consultancy 

Last but not least, the AltUnity team will allocate more of their time on professional test automation services and consulting for Unity / game development companies. This will allow us to use the tools we’re developing, gather feedback easier and make this product even more useful.

So, if you need any help in this direction, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you want to stay up to date with the things we work on, you can find updates about new releases, test automation courses, and services on our Discord Server, Twitter, and newsletter

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