Game Testing Trends 2021-2022

Game testing is changing from year to year and more companies are trying to enhance their testing approach by adding test automation. The market is highly fragmented and behind each game engine has formed an entire ecosystem, yet the maturity of these ecosystems differ and each comes with some particularities.

We’ve tried to get a deeper understanding of these shifting trends by conducting an online survey within the game development community, to see how different teams are approaching testing and automation.

By reading the Game Testing Trends report you will discover:

  • An analysis of the game testing maturity of different game engines (Unity, GoDot, Unreal Engine, Amazon Lumberyard) – [91% of the respondents’ companies that develop on multiple engines are using some kind of automation
  • Insights about the teams’ approach regarding test automation – [63.5% of our respondents are using some level of test automation] 
  • The most popular test automation tools/frameworks used by the respondents
  • The most common challenges that teams encountered in their game testing activities and especially regarding test automation
  • The main reasons why some teams are not considering test automation

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