AltTester Desktop 2.0.2 & AltTester Unity SDK 2.0.2: BrowserStack, new features, improvements & fixes

AltTester v.2.0.2 is here with brand new features including the possibility to run tests in BrowserStack on iOS devices as well, searching the element details area, improvements on recording and much more. Check out the full list of features and fixes below!

AltTester Desktop

New features

Search element details

Usually, there are a lot of methods/fields/properties in the element details area and finding what one is searching for can become quite cumbersome. To make this process faster and easier we added the search functionality, similarly to the one used in the hierarchy of elements.

Search Element Details - AltTester
Linux build & Docker image

Beside the usual Windows/Mac builds, now you can use AltTester Desktop on Linux as well in batchmode. The main reason why we added a build compatible with this new operating system is to facilitate testing in the Cloud Services by running the Linux build in batchmode.

Improvements & bug fixes

Record clicking on object instead of coordinates

Up till this point, recording the action of clicking on an element would actually be registered as clicking on the screen position of the given element. Keeping in mind that readability is key when generating code, we modified this behavior to record `object.Click()/object.Tap()` in order to make understanding of the recorded steps more effortless.

Recorder Improvements - AltTester
Distinguish between objects with the same path

For objects that have the same parent and also the exact same name, we are now displaying the index of the element as well. 

Exemple: if we have 3 objects with the name `Text` having the same parent, we’ll display the `ancestor/parent/Text[0]` path for the first one, `ancestor/parent/Text[1]` for the second one and so on.

Terms and Conditions in batch mode

Terms and Conditions are a necessity for preventing abuses and you should be able to accept them even when you only want to run tests and have the AltTester Desktop running in the background in batch mode. As a consequence, AltServer won’t start until you agree with our terms.

Hierarchy not updated when moving between scenes

This bug is partly the result of our architectural limitations. In release 2.0.2 we fixed this issue.

AltTester Unity SDK

New features

Support for BrowserStack

Running tests on remote devices is rather important, especially when you want to test your app on a variety of operating systems. The previous release offered the possibility to run tests on Android in BrowserStack, but we encountered some issues running tests on iOS devices as the Cloud Service made some changes that broke this feature. In this release, running tests on iOS in Browserstack is achievable as well.

Filter tests by assembly

In the event that you need a higher number of tests, and we know that can escalate quickly, you may lose visibility. For this, we implemented a new feature that allows you to filter by assembly. This way, tests written for certain areas of the app can be grouped together.


Changed findObject() indexer functionality

Indexer functionality was changed to match that of XPath and it no longer returns the n-th child of the object. Now it returns the n-th object that respects the selectors from the objects with the same parent.

For example //Button/Text[1] will return the second object named `Text` that is the child of the `Button`.

Save the last connection info

The host, port and app name are saved in case you managed to successfully connect to AltServer and to AltDriver (used inside test scripts). This improvement comes in handy when you want to run tests on the same app multiple times and it can become frustrating to always change the connection info from our default ones back to what you might have already used recently.

Discord users asked for it!

We always encourage our community to offer feedback on our work so that we satisfy their needs. Lately, there were some difficulties related to using a different Json version than what we are using. As a result, we fixed the Json serialization/deserialization issue caused by versioning. Another issue that was reported by our users was that they could not find the log files so we set  the file creation right.

Don’t forget to upgrade to the latest versions of AltTester Tools

You can download the improved version of AltTester Unity SDK or you can start an AltTester Pro free trial here. If you have any questions or suggestions related to our tools, you can always reach us on Discord. Don’t forget to check out our documentation for further information.

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