AltTester® SDK will soon become available for Unreal Engine games. Be an early adopter and join our closed beta program

We are very excited to announce that we will soon launch the AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK, a tool designed to bring robust test automation to Unreal Engine games and applications. This SDK enhances your testing process by making it easy to implement comprehensive end-to-end test automation.

Currently, this new platform is in closed beta testing, as we are still exploring use cases and how certain features work on Unreal Engine projects. That is why we are reaching out to teams / studios who might be interested in partnering with us in our closed beta program for integrating their Unreal games or apps with AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK and enhancing their development process with automated testing.

Find more details about the SDK and the closed beta program in the following paragraphs.

Why you should consider adding test automation to your Unreal Engine game/app

  • Improved quality and reliability: Automated testing helps identify bugs and issues early in the development cycle, leading to higher quality and more reliable software releases.
  • Increased test coverage: By automating repetitive and complex test scenarios, you can achieve greater test coverage, ensuring all aspects of your game are thoroughly tested.
  • Faster time to market: Automation speeds up the testing process, reducing the time needed for manual testing and allowing for quicker iterations and faster time to market.
  • Cost-effective testing: Automated tests can be run multiple times without additional costs, leading to long-term savings compared to manual testing.

Accessibility and affordability with AltTester®

At AltTester®, we believe that powerful test automation tools should be accessible to all developers and test engineers. Our AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK is designed to be affordable and customizable, fitting the needs of both indie teams and large studios.

With AltTester®, there’s no need for testers to have access to the game source code. Instrumenting the game to use AltTester® is a one-time change in the build method. Once done, testers can receive instrumented builds and start automating their tests without needing access to the codebase.

How you can use AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK on your project

To test your application, first you need to create an instrumented build of your Unreal Engine game/app, using AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK. The instrumented build establishes a communication protocol, granting programmatic access to objects within your Unreal Engine game/app.

The communication between your tests and the instrumented Unreal Engine game/app is facilitated by AltTester® Server, a proxy module that enables the game and the testing driver to interact. AltTester® Desktop integrates the tool, and your tests must point to the IP address or hostname of the tool, using the API detailed in our Documentation.

In the diagram below, you can visualize how the process works.

About the AltTester® x Unreal Engine closed beta program

For many years, we have worked on developing the AltTester® SDK exclusively for Unity, which helped us focus on enhancing the functionality of our tools. Extending our platform to support Unreal Engine apps and games is largely based on this solid prior experience, yet it also comes with new challenges and opportunities.

Before launching our live version of AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK, we want to work with a variety of games and partner with teams or studios who are developing their games on Unreal Engine to test our tools’ full range of functionalities. This will provide valuable insights for our team to continue creating a relevant and performant end-to-end test automation solution for Unreal game testing.

If we get to work together in this closed beta, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You will get to perform tests on your own app/game.
  • Throughout the entire closed beta period, you will get a free AltTester® Pro license, with the necessary assets and packages.
  • We can also help you with developing test automation scripts and instrumenting your game/app with AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK.
  • During our collaboration in the closed beta, we will periodically ask for feedback from you and your team, so that we can make improvements and/or necessary updates.

Get started on AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK

If you are interested in joining our closed beta program, send us an email to to get your license & pack. Make sure you share a few details about you, your company, and the Unreal Engine project you want to work on. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take a look inside

Want to get a sneak peek of how the AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK works? Take a look at a short shooter action sample, with Robot, using a game developed in Unreal Engine.

Interested in joining our closed beta program for AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK? Let’s get in touch!

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