AltTester Unity SDK 1.8.1: websocket.dll name change, input system improvements & new commands

AltTester Unity SDK 1.8.1 is here not only with the improvements requested by our users, but also with a new input related command. Check below what’s new in this release!

New features

ResetInput – this command comes in handy when running multiple input related tests sequentially. It is used to clean up after the previous test so the next one won’t start relying on any outdated variables.

SetStaticProperty – is the pair of the GetStaticProperty command. As its name states, it sets a value for the static property given as a parameter.

Bug fixes

Renamed websocket.dll to altwebsocket.dll – multiple users from Discord signaled that they already use a websocket.dll. This led to conflicts in the import section caused by the ambiguity of having two libraries with the same name. To help out our users, we renamed our dynamic link library into altwebsocket.dll.

This issue also came up at our Discord event held on 8.12.2022, where our users had the opportunity to ask anything related to our future plans or problems they might encounter while writing automated tests using AltTester. Our team was live on Discord for a couple of hours, answering questions in real time. We are looking forward to seeing you at other AltTester events.

[New Input System] Fixed double execution for EndTouch, BeginTouch, KeyUp and KeyDown commands – the aforementioned commands had a code section that got executed two times instead of once, sometimes causing the illusion that the command was not executed at all (ex. when toggling a checkbox). They are now fixed and working properly.

[Input System] Incorrect execution of coroutines for certain groups of commands – the execution of coroutines was incorrect in cases when the optional parameter duration was specified for commands which contain actions like pressing keys, clicking, tapping and moving the mouse.

To better understand what was happening let’s take the PressKey as an example with a duration of 5 seconds. In the faulty version the action of pressing the key would finish in a few milliseconds and then the command would wait until the remaining amount of time from those 5 seconds would pass. In v.1.8.1 of AltTester the simulation of pressing the key actually lasts for 5 seconds.

You can download the latest version of AltTester Unity SDK from here. If you have any questions or suggestions related to our tools, you can always reach us on Discord. Don’t forget to check out our documentation for further information.

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