From test case to release. Streamline Unity Game Development with AltTester® Test Automation

Integrating test automation into your game development lifecycle can significantly strengthen the testing process, allowing faster iterations and higher quality releases. In this article, we’ll explore how AltTester®, our solution for end-to-end game test automation, can support and enhance your testing efforts, and how it can provide a more productive overall experience for your QA & game development team.

In short and very simply put, here are 10 reasons why you should consider getting started with AltTester®

  1. It’s easy to try out by testers – using it is not fully dependent on developers.
  2. Your QA team gets sample projects to explore.
  3. It allows faster feedback and better time-to-market.
  4. It can be integrated easily with the team’s current testing activities.
  5. Testers don’t need Unity Editor or access to the code to do their job once the game is instrumented.
  6. Testers can execute tests across multiple devices and platforms simultaneously.
  7. It brings testing closer to how real users interact with the app.
  8. There’s also an open-source test automation toolkit, with some free features, if you have more experienced coding testers or developers in your team.
  9. It makes the tester’s job more meaningful by allowing them to automate the boring, repetitive tasks.
  10. Overall, less hassle, less costs.

Update: AltTester® will soon be available for Unreal Engine, with AltTester® Unreal Engine SDK enabling game/app instrumentation and end-to-end test automation also for games built with Unreal Engine.

Game development is a complex process that demands meticulous testing to ensure a seamless gaming experience for players. Whether you’re an indie developer or part of a large studio, you know that, as games become more complex, the need for efficient testing methods becomes paramount. That is where test automation comes into play, and why we think AltTester® is a trustworthy solution.

Adding test automation to the development cycle not only can facilitate higher productivity within the project in terms of identifying potential issues and promptly addressing them, but also supports better resource management and optimizes the team’s overall workload. 

These objectives lay at the core of what we do here at AltTester®, aiming to create a more efficient and accessible test automation solution for game development studios, big or small, that want to take their testing at a higher level.

About AltTester® and its key features

AltTester® is a comprehensive test automation solution initially designed for game development teams working with Unity, that soon will support Unreal Engine as well, offering a wide range of features and benefits tailored to streamline the testing process and help you deliver higher quality games.

Once you have instrumented your game with AltTester® Unity SDK, you may then inspect its elements using AltTester® Desktop, record every action and execute tests based on those actions, this way creating a smoother testing process.

Following, we will highlight some of the main features that you might find useful about AltTester® if you’re considering integrating test automation tools to your dev process.

Game instrumentation

AltTester® allows you to instrument your game to support end-to-end test automation. This means you can automate various aspects of your game’s functionality, from user interactions to behaviors within the game, simulating any device input, using and modifying any methods or properties.  

Test execution outside the Unity Editor, with no access to the code needed

With AltTester®, testers can inspect, record, and refine tests outside the Unity Editor, once you have instrumented your game. This flexibility enables testers to work more efficiently, without the constraints of being confined to the Unity environment or having to pay for a Unity Editor license.

Automatic script generation based on recorded actions

AltTester® simplifies the test creation process by automatically generating scripts based on recorded actions. This feature eliminates the need for manual script writing, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. With our most recent release, we ensure now an even better recording accuracy, so that every action is captured precisely and you get reliable results.

Parallel test execution

Through the AltTester® Desktop component, our tool allows you to execute tests in parallel, on multiple devices, with multiple app connections via the AltTester® Server. This capability accelerates the testing process, enabling faster feedback loops and quicker iterations. Check out our packages to see which one is suitable for your project’s needs. 

Integration with Appium and Selenium

AltTester® also integrates with other test automation tools, like Appium and Selenium, enhancing its compatibility and usability across different platforms and technologies.

Device cloud integration

AltTester® supports integration with popular device cloud providers like BrowserStack, BitBar, AWS, and SauceLabs. This integration enables you to leverage cloud-based testing infrastructure for efficient and scalable testing across a variety of devices.

Multi-platform support

AltTester® offers support for PC, Android, iOS, WebGL, Nintendo Switch – and soon for more consoles -, ensuring that you can test your game across a diverse range of devices and environments. 

“Why choose AltTester® for testing my Unity game/app?”

Let’s dive into some aspects that may help you decide if AltTester® is the right option for you and your team.

You can move fast and be ahead of the competition

  • More efficient Unity development cycle. By adding test automation to your Unity development cycle, AltTester® enables you to identify and address issues early, accelerating the testing process. This systematizes team workflow, where time and resources are allocated more effectively, leading to faster and more reliable releases.
  • Faster Feedback Loops. Automated tests provide rapid feedback to developers, enabling them to promptly address issues and make necessary adjustments. This fast feedback loop facilitates agile task management, allowing teams to adapt quickly to changing requirements and prioritize tasks accordingly.

Automation is accessible for both technical and non-technical testers

  • Replace most of the repetitive and boring manual testing with automation. Our tools make test automation accessible for Unity games & apps by allowing teams to inspect and programmatically control the objects of their application. Testers can transform their manual testing steps into runnable automation scripts without the need for extensive coding knowledge. 
  • Execute tests based on recorded actions. AltTester® offers a recording feature that empowers testers with varying skill levels to easily get started with automation.
  • No need for source code access. With AltTester®, instrumenting your game for automation is a one-time change in the build process. Testers can receive instrumented builds that can be used for automation without requiring access to the game’s source code, complementing the testing workflow.

Saves you costs & time

  • No extra expenses for Unity Editor licenses. Since AltTester® allows testers to create and run scripts outside the Unity Editor, it eliminates the need for costly Unity Editor licenses. This cost-saving measure can significantly reduce overhead expenses for game development teams.
  • Affordable packages. At the time of writing this article, we have the most affordable test automation solution available on the market for game development, with some features that you can even enjoy for free (with the Community package).
  • Resource optimization. Our testing saves you precious time by automating repetitive testing tasks, where the team members can allocate their time and expertise to more complex and creative aspects of game development. This optimization of resources enhances team organization by maximizing productivity and ensuring that each team member’s skills are utilized effectively.

We enjoy sharing our extensive and long-standing expertise in test automation

We have been in the business for over 16 years and have experienced firsthand what test automation can do for your development process. You can read more about our story on how we created AltTester® while working as testers and developers for a client in order to optimize our test automation necessities at that time. 

On the other hand, many studios from the gaming industry think it is too hard to get started with automation. To give them a hand, we decided to complement AltTester with additional options: 

  • We offer our support to our clients not only through comprehensive documentation for our tools.
  • To ensure a smooth transition to test automation, we also offer specific services to get your team started and going.
  • We also have extensive experience in training teams in everything testing and automation, so we can also help you with this.

Incorporating AltTester® into your game development process offers a significant opportunity to strengthen your testing approach, thereby enhancing the quality of your games and creating memorable experiences for your users.

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