Introducing AltTester® 2.1.0: Concurrent Test Execution, Support for Robot Framework and Performance Improvements

We are thrilled to announce the release of AltTester® 2.1.0, the latest version of our test automation tool. Packed with new features, bug fixes, and improved performance, AltTester® 2.1.0 is set to create a smooth and efficient testing experience for you and your team. 

AltTester® Desktop and AltTester® Unity SDK, two of our tool’s main components, have both gone through an important upgrade, each now coming up with new features and improvements on usability and performance.

What’s new in AltTester® Desktop

In AltTester® Desktop, we are introducing several new features to amplify your testing capabilities:

  • Expanded Recorder feature. The recorder feature now supports Robot Framework, in addition to the existing support for C# and Python.
  • Enhanced connection panel. The connection panel was modified to list all the instrumented apps connected to the server (the list gets updated whenever a new app is connected or a connected app disconnects).
  • Support for parallel testing. AltTester® Desktop now allows multiple apps to be connected via the AltTester® Server, to enable running tests in parallel on multiple devices. The Community package allows 1 app, while the Pro package allows 2 apps to be connected at the same time. On request, you can extend the allowed number of apps connected at the same time so that it suits your needs for running the AltTester® Desktop in your CI/CD pipeline setup.
AltTester® Desktop connection panel, showing the list with all the instrumented apps connected to the server

Improvements in AltTester® Desktop

Alongside new features, we have implemented significant improvements to enhance your testing workflow:

  • Improved performance. Experience smoother and more efficient recording sessions with enhanced performance optimizations.
  • Fixed disconnection issues. We’ve addressed pesky disconnection issues to ensure a seamless testing experience without interruptions.
  • Enhanced recording accuracy. Some actions were not recorded accurately in previous versions. With AltTester® 2.1.0, you can trust that every action is captured precisely, providing you with reliable test results.

What’s new in AltTester® Unity SDK

  • Concurrent test execution. Now, you can run tests concurrently on multiple devices, streamlining your testing process.
  • Support for tags. This feature allows you to execute tests on a platform of your choice, and use partial tags to categorize the devices you run your tests on. For example, if you use an Android 13 platform, it’s enough to use the tags Android and Android 13 to run the tests. 
  • Support for Robot Framework. Our AltTester® Robot Framework library release now allows you to write your tests using the popular keyword driven Robot Framework language.
  • Allure reporting. Once you have integrated AltTester® with Allure framework, you can now generate test reports in any programming language you are using for your project.
AltTester® Unity SDK support for tags

Explore all these new features and enhancements with AltTester® 2.1.0 by upgrading to the latest version, if you are an active user, or by starting your free trial today! You and your team can benefit from a more robust, accurate and productive test automation workflow. 

See all our packages here.

For more detailed information on how to use AltTester®, make sure you check out our documentation.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel.

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