[New release] AltUnity Tester 1.6.3 – New selectors. Unique ID generation. Customizable logging

[Update 2022] AltUnity Tester becomes AltTester Unity SDK starting with v. 1.8.0 and similarly, AltUnity Inspector becomes AltTester Desktop starting with v. 1.5.0 and they are both available here

This comes with a series of major changes:

1. AltTester Unity SDK is now available only through our website and is no longer available on the Unity Asset Store

2. We moved the AltTester Unity SDK project from GitLab to GitHub.

Read more about all the major changes in this article and join our Discord Server, if you have any questions or issues with AltTester!

AltUnity Tester 1.6.3 is now released and can be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store. The main focus of this release was to expand selectors capabilities to cover more testing scenarios we and the community needed in our test environments. Uniquely identify elements by id, indexer selector to select N-th child, multiple attribute filters for a more granular By.PATH selector, new By.TEXT selector; are the main features added to selectors. We’ve also added a couple of By.PATH examples in the documentation to flatten the learning curve. 

  • Uniquely identify elements: We’ve added the ability to set unique AltId to all static elements.  Each element is assigned the AltUnityId component containing a static unique Id, preserved between runs, which you can use to uniquely identify elements between test runs. To add AltId to every object in your game go to UnityEditor -> AltUnity Tools -> AddAltIdToEveryObject. From the Inspector  window in Unity Editor you can find Alt Unity Script attached to every object and use the provided Alt ID in the Find By.Id selectors.
  • Indexer selector: Select N-th child: FindObject(By.PATH, “//parentName[1]”)
  • By.PATH multiple attribute filter: Find an object that has a specific tag and a specific component: FindObject(By.PATH, “//objectName[@tag=expected tag value][@component=expected component name”)
  • By.TEXT selector: Search objects by their text value: FindObject(By.TEXT, “expected text content”) is equivalent to FindObject(By.PATH, “//*[@text=expected text content]”)

Other notable fixes and improvements in version 1.6.3  

  • Added the possibility to configure logging in the instrumented game and in the client libraries
  • Unified port forwarding API in all client libraries
  • Added unload scene command
  • Created a separate menu for AltUnity Tools, containing all AltUnity related items 
  • Added namespace to AltUnity.Editor scripts
  • Fixed CallComponentMethod to accept empty string as parameter 
  • Added granular messages on failed driver commands 
  • Set command log message length limit from AltUnity Editor window
  • Deprecated WaitForObjectWithText in favor of WaitForObject(By.TEXT,…

Another important update regarding AltUnity Tools, is a new support as a service product which we recently added to our website. You can now schedule a meeting and have a one-to-one support session with one of our developers/test automation engineers. We offer support with AltUnity setup, getting started with writing the first tests, advanced configuration, debugging, etc. You can read more about this here.

Thanks to the community for coming up with suggestions, reporting issues and contributing to the project.

Check the 1.6.3 changelog for a complete list of fixes.

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