Record tests on BrowserStack devices with AltTester® Desktop

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of recording tests for your game in AltTester® Desktop, using BrowserStack cloud devices.

AltTester Desktop & Recorder

AltTester® Desktop is an application that allows games to be explored and inspected outside of the Unity Editor, on the platform the game was built for. This approach is very similar to the Appium Inspector or to the DOM Inspector of a web browser.

The Recorder is a functionality we integrated in the AltTester® Desktop tool to support the testing process, by generating automated scripts faster. How does this actually work?

  • It records the actions taken on the screenshot area (select, click, press key)
  • You can see the code displayed based on the recorder actions (the clicked objects will be identified using full path)
  • It asserts properties to certain values
  • Once the code is generated, you can copy it to your test file, edit and run it.

In short about BrowserStack

BrowserStack serves as a cloud-based testing platform, enabling developers and testers to run automated testing for mobile applications across an extensive range of authentic devices.

Prerequisites for this tutorial

  • Have AltTester® Desktop installed
  • A BrowserStack account
  • Access to BrowserStack live app
  • Have BrowserStack installed locally

What you’ll learn

  • How to connect BrowserStack to AltTester® Desktop via the AltServer
  • How to import a Unity sample game
  • How to inspect the Unity game’s object hierarchy
  • How to record the various tests run on AltTester® Desktop as you interact with the game (ex.: loading a new scene)
  • How to copy the generated code in a dotnet project and execute it live on a BrowserStack device

Check the full tutorial below.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel

Also, make sure to also explore our documentation for more detailed information on AltTester® Desktop.

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